The DUI law provides that the DMV can administratively suspend the driving privileges of anyone arrested for DUI. This will happen automatically following arrest for drunk driving, unless a DMV Hearing request is tendered within 10 days of arrest. This is just one of the reasons it is so important to contact qualified DUI defense lawyer, as soon as possible following a DUI arrest.

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DL was arrested December of 2014 for driving car from California to Chicago with 13 lbs. of Cocaine. Charged with the Possession and Distribution of Cocaine and facing 20 years to life he needed effective representation. DL spent almost five months in custody before Mr. Kelly was able to get him out on a signature bond. As a direct result of Mr. Kelly’s efforts and representation the case against DL was dismissed by the District Court in July of 2015. Mr. Kelly was able to send DL a copy of the Dismissal since he had already returned to California.

JDL facing a DUI Second offense turned to Mr. Kelly who was able to get the case sent to Diversion where if he follow complies he will not have any conviction on his record. As of 02/04/2016 Mr. Kelly is trying to keep his client from having to return since he took a new job in Georgia.

BB (12/15), TJ(9/15) and Al(11/15), three individual females clients, each facing separate criminal charges of Assault and Domestic Violence as a result of lies from former intimate partners choose Fowler and Kelly. Ms. Fowler and Mr. Kelly not only had the Domestic Violence charges dropped to the lesser minor charge of disturbing the peace, with one client based on what amounted to routine investigation had all the charges completely dismissed.

JB (Jan 2016) charged with Possession of Weed, Alcohol by a Minor and Park curfew violation won’t have to appear since her quick action in contacting Fowler and Kelly resulted in the charges not being filed.


R.T. DUI 3rd offense (Class 4 felony), Refused test, Case dismissed 3/25/10

RT was arrested at his home in Omaha Douglas County and spent the longest two days of his life in jail. He was charged with a third offense of DUI, a class 4 felony (0 to 5 years in jail), resisting arrest and test refusal. After being offered to plead guilty to the felony with probation and 30 days in jail or taking the matter to trial Mr. Kelly was hired. Mr. Kelly fought hard to keep RT's driver's license and keep him out of jail. The matter was bound over for trial at the preliminary hearing and Mr. Kelly continued to fight. The case was dismissed by the Court and RT was released and his bond was returned.

HT charged with DUI and no insurance, plead to reckless driving

HT was arrested with a male friend for DUI and she tested with a BAC of .096, the legal limit is .08. Mr. Kelly entered a plea of not guilty and had the matter set for a Jury Trial. HT refused to do an alcohol diversion program and at the motions hearing the people offered a plea to reckless driving.

CL was charged with a second offense DUI and a noisy muffler

CL had a prior conviction in the same county the year before and they don't give probation on second offenses. CL was offered a plea to the charge with the minimum Jail of 30 days. He declined the offered on Mr. Kelly's advise and the matter was set for trial. He plead guilty to a first offense DUI and will only lose his license for 90 days.

TW was charged with Terroristic threats (class 4 Felony) and strangulation (Class 3 felony) both involving Domestic Violence.

Mr. Kelly worked hard to mitigate the matter and get TW the help he need and his partner so they could work out the problems they were facing. After a short period of time TW plead guilty to a class 3 misdemeanor and was able to keep his right to bear arms which he would have lost had Mr. Kelly not work so hard.