The DUI law provides that the DMV can administratively suspend the driving privileges of anyone arrested for DUI. This will happen automatically following arrest for drunk driving, unless a DMV Hearing request is tendered within 10 days of arrest. This is just one of the reasons it is so important to contact qualified DUI defense lawyer, as soon as possible following a DUI arrest.

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Breathalyzer tests are used to detect a person's blood alcohol content level (BAC) and, it's commonly administered by police officers on the field of work. This method is known to be the most reliable field sobriety test as compared to the HGN test, walk and turn test, and the one leg stand test. It is easy to carry, easier to administer, and produces quick test results. However, some breathalyzer test results are not completely accurate as you may think.

The breathalyzer machine detects the presence of Ethyl alcohol which is found in alcohol drinks. One of the main issues with the breathalyzer machine is its unable ness to make a distinction between Ethyl alcohol and Methyl alcohol. People with diabetes tend to have high levels of methyl nitrites which lead to higher levels of methyl alcohol than normal. This also applies to people who are constantly dieting and eating various types of foods. As the body releases ketones, the methyl rises and can be picked up by the breathalyzer machine. If you consume other substances that contain methyl alcohol, the breathalyzer machine can easily confuse it for Ethyl alcohol and the police officer can arrest you for over the limit blood alcohol content.

Our Omaha DUI Attorney Knows the Weaknesses of Tests

Breathalyzer test results are not always accurate and can be challenged in a number of ways. If the machine is found faulty or the test was not conducted properly, then the results can be ruled as inaccurate. Some other factors that can interfere with the breathalyzer test results include:

These factors can be included as part of your defense in court. You can challenge the BAC results by hiring an experienced DUI lawyer who can take immediate action and protect your rights.

Before making a decision about entering a plea, contact Omaha DUI lawyer to help you evaluate your case and provide you with the appropriate legal advice.